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What Is SEO and Why Do You Need It?

You have come to this page for two reasons: You are here to gain more knowledge about what SEO mean and secondly, you want to get past the fluff and get right down to the business of knowing exactly what this methodology can do to improve conversions to your business.

Let’s start with the meaning of SEO…

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. SEO plays a very important role in how your website will rank in the search engines that your customers are using to locate your product and services.  The most popular search engines are Google, Bing, and Yahoo and have provided information for millions of people on a daily basis.  Search engines uses algorithms to present the most relevant information to its wide range of users.  As a business owner, your goal in having a website is to get your brand in front of visitors who are looking on the first few pages of popular search engines.  That’s where our agency comes into play, we specialize in getting your website ranked on the first pages allowing you the maximum exposure to attract new clients.

I won’t bore you with a thousand words unless you prefer to read for enjoyment.  The video below will give you a good overview of the many benefits of injecting SEO and digital marketing into your business.

SEO Explained For Newbies
SEO Benefits Chart

Think about this, how important are the roads for transporting goods and services in and out of your city?  Exactly, that’s a no brainer. Well the same is true for the search engines we have come to know and rely on daily to serve us with the resources we need to accomplish our need for information.  SEO delivers that high value for your business by simply increasing your ranking for keyword terms that define or describe the type of business or services you have to offer to your potential customer.  The more visitors to your website, the more customers and more revenue you will generate.  However, one SEO service is not all equal.  Poorly performed SEO can damage your reputation with the search engines and get your website penalized from ever showing up where your visitor can find you.  Your site will be de-indexed by Google and will suffer greatly.

No need to worry with our services.  We only perform white hat techniques that are encouraged and rewarded by the search engines. Now, let’s move on to some other key factors about SEO that will start to send you the targeted traffic you immediately need. Click below…

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SEO Results Tracker ☞

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